For many years I have been interviewing some of the most interesting thinkers and truth researchers on the planet, on the most controversial and consequential topics that affect the human family.

Below is a sampling of some of my interviews. You can find more on my YouTube channel.

Interview With Denny

Helen and Denny Interview About Deep Subconscious Channeling and Trauma Resolution

What is the Lightworker Healing Protocol?

The Reincarnation Trap Myth

Admiral Richard Byrd Operation High Jump: Hindsight & The Only Contest

Seeking Truths: Karl Mollison and

Mick Schrier: Two 20 and backs and the Stairway to Freedom

Jeff from New York The MKUltra Connection

Michael H. Deep Subconscious Channeling/HMR & LHP

Jian Liang Wall Street Insider's Absolute Mind Control Testimony

MAP Abductee Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison

Our Life Beyond MKULTRA Elisa E.

Teacher on the Island Harald Kautz-Vella

The Final Round with Randy Maugans

Can the Genocide be Stopped? With Kevin Annett

The Trypta-Breakfast of Champions with James Oroc

Kristy Allen After the Westminster Testimony

Both US and Nazis Under ET Control?

The Higher Self Channeling of Niara Isley

No More Parlor Tricks

David Jacobs PhD Researcher's Path & the Alien Plan

Fire, Sky and History with Elana Freeland

Nordic = Arcturian?

Ron MK Ultra Survivor

Lada Ray: Russia The Great Balancer Channeling Series 2 Year Anniversary Channeling Series: Celebrating 80 More Channelings Since March 2019