Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP)

Our divinely guided comprehensive Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) addresses every potential source of human negativity. Whether you are living a charmed life or struggling with a life challenge, emotional problems, or physical illness, we can tell you that the average person has lived 423 lifetimes, many of them tragic. Creator’s plan for humanity to advance requires us to heal our past karmic wounds and traumas.

You need to ensure this happens.

The divine realm has taught us (see that most human problems are caused either by dark spirit interference, negative karma from past traumatic events, or a combination of the two:

1. Common Spirit Problems

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people have spirits attached to them? Beer, wine and spirits, as well as cannabis, weaken resistance and are gateways to spirit possession. So is having a low emotional moment. But no one is immune, even very spiritual people are attractive to ghosts and earthbound spirits who are lost and confused.

You may even have a departed loved one who remained earthbound and is not progressing. About a third of people who pass do not fully transition to the light and remain in limbo. We rescue earthbound spirits to get them safely to the light where they belong.

There are many troubled spirits looking for a safe haven. And there are dark spirits looking to cause harm. More people are haunted than houses. Although most people are unaware they have a spirit possession, it can drain your energy, cause school failure, undermine relationships and wreck careers.

Effects of spirit attachment can range from fatigue, anxiety, fear, impulsive behavior or depression all the way to alcohol and drug abuse, cutting, suicidal thoughts, hearing voices, or physical violence.

Mental illness is often a spirit attachment problem. Attached spirits can also undermine physical health and trigger a chronic illness. Plus, many unpleasant bodily sensations that can’t be diagnosed are spirit-caused.

Ever feel a ghostly presence around you or feel your house is haunted? No need to worry about evil spirits or being demon possessed. There’s an easy fix. Why hire a paranormal investigator to just probe it when you can have us remove the spirits and get them to the light?

If you’ve wondered where to find an exorcist, we can get rid of spirits more easily and safely than exorcisms and other harsh demonic depossession techniques. Exorcisms are fear-based and traumatic. Our process is love-based, gentle, and safe.

Top 10 Signs You Have Spirit Attachments

2. Common Karmic Problems

The wheel of karma, “what goes around, comes around,” also known as “you reap what you sew” is a law of the Universe bringing our good and bad experiences back to you across multiple lifetimes. There is no death. People recycle. Traumas you cause others or wounds to yourself that go unhealed, will return to you in your current or future lifetimes to be rebalanced or repaired, and will drag you down if you don’t fix it now.

We routinely see our clients are back in life with people they’ve had problems with in past lives. These karmic influences cause tension and strife within families, negative personality traits and vulnerabilities, self-limiting behaviors that interfere with school, work, and relationships, and can even manifest physical illness.

In fact, karma is the major cause of 94% of physical illness. Even medical science recognizes the huge impact of adverse childhood events on lifelong health outcomes. Add on the accumulated karmic traumas of hundreds of past lives when adequate healing was unavailable, and it’s easy to see why so many people suffer.

Is someone in your family struggling? We have been hired by concerned family members to help babies in the womb, over-sensitive children, kids with emotional, behavior, or school performance issues, troubled teens and adults who are unhappy, have troubled relationships, chronic illness, or are abusing alcohol and drugs, and even elderly people in hospice care. It’s never to late to benefit from healing, because the soul goes on and gains from the improvements.

Our work is gentle and safe, and done below the level of the client’s conscious awareness.

People frequently hire us to clear themselves and their spouse but mistakenly assume their children are too young to have real problems yet. The truth is they come in with a huge destructive karmic load. It may take years to wear them down, but it starts right from birth. Prevent life-long problems by acting now.

You can gift our services to benefit loved ones—even do your whole family at a discount. The healing is always done in alignment with their Highest Good.

We always “knock before entering” by having Creator ask permission of the client’s Higher Self. This makes our work ethical even without obtaining conscious permission of the client, just as you can pray for someone without asking them first.

Working through Creator of All That Is, we’ve brought dark spirit removal and divine healing for many clients and cleared properties all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, as well as Atlantic and Pacific island nations.

Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) for Spirit Removal and Rescue, Energetic Rebalancing, Karmic Repair, and Distance Healing

Our comprehensive Protocol addresses all sources of negativity as we work with Creator directly, to bring healing for people, animals, spirits and locations anywhere on the planet:

Spirit Removal

We are connected by Creator to scan clients intuitively wherever they are, to first detect and remove any attached or attacking spirits, portals, and other entities remotely, aided by the divine realm. Distance doesn’t matter, we work on people around the globe as they just go about their routine. The work is done below conscious awareness, leaving inner peace and harmony because we simply remove negativity.

Past and Future Parallel Life Karmic Repair Included

The karma of past-life trauma is the main reason people don’t get along and a common source of emotional problems with no obvious cause. The divine realm tells us that 94% of physical illness is due to karma, and 78% of it is from past-life events. Karmic repair is the surest way to heal because it’s the way the divine realm heals us. As everything actually happens in the Now, past, present, and future lifetimes are occurring simultaneously, and influence one another through a looping of time. All projections of your soul experiencing things need to be taken into account as a source of negativity.

We do a series of scans to detect and remove negative thought forms, negative energetic cords to people, places, and things you have encountered in your life,past-life contracts, vows, oaths, promises, agreements, and the negative energy of traumatic events from other lifetimes bleeding into your current life. We even request thorough repair of your Akashic Records and collective unconscious influences that are undermining you.

Psychic Attack Removal Included

In every session, we scan for all psychic attacks, curses, spells, hexes, etc., that may still be in force and undermining you energetically. We frequently encounter and remove current and still active ancestral curses in our clients, as well as energies from people in their current life wishing them harm or projecting angry thoughts. This cleanup even includes alien implants, portals, and subconscious programming, as well as extra-galactic and inter-dimensional intrusions.

Soul Retrieval Included

In every session, we scan for and return missing and extra soul fragments to repair the damage from past emotional and spiritual trauma, along with fixing other soul wounds, which are quite common. These remnants of soul damage are a major driver of karmic shock, trauma, and drama in your life, bringing you back into contact with former perpetrators and perpetuating suffering.

Advanced Divine Healing Included

In every session we ask Creator to do all the additional physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing that can be offered after negotiating with the client’s Higher Self for permission. Among the procedures applied are vibrational energy alignment, grounding, opening the chakras, as well as advanced Quantum and Soul Matrix healing that reaches across time domains to heal past and future parallel lifetimes (including the Collective Unconscious and Akashic Records of other lifetimes). If you let us know of specific health or other life concerns, we can target those by requesting extra attention.

Protection Tools Included

Finally, we arrange with your Spirit Team to provide you with powerful personal protection tools to prevent future outside interference from interlopers, and instruct you in how to keep safe going forward.

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