Denny & Helen,

I just sent in payment for another DSC bundle. I want you both to know I so appreciate you making this powerful form of healing available and I want to give you some feedback on my experiment.

It is now a little over 6 months ago that I decided I would purchase one bundle a month for a year and use 2 of the sessions on myself and the other on someone I cared about. I had saved up some money to do an elective surgery to benefit my health and I thought to myself, “where would I be if I instead used that money to purchase a DSC bundle each month for a year. Where would I be health wise if I did that?” I am SO happy I made the decision to give it a try!

I started noticing major improvement right away, especially with the lifting of the chronic depression I can see now I was suffering under. After the first few sessions, that depression lifted and it has not returned at all. At this point I am getting 2 sessions per month on myself and that seems to keep producing significant gains for my physical health and for my other key areas of relationships and finances. Since starting this strategy of monthly DSC sessions, the gains I have found in all these areas are truly life changing and amazing AND the gains stick, they don’t just come and go. It appears the true underlying causes of the problems are being resolved in a permanent way. I am planning on at least 2 sessions a month for the rest of my life after seeing what has happened.

Then because I was noticing these results after about 3-4 months of the two sessions per month on myself, I decided to start purchasing 2 bundles a month so I can have more of my loved ones getting 1-2 sessions every month as well. So now that has been going on for a little over 2 months and I see many improvements with my loved ones as well. I am not telling anyone I am doing this, I am just paying for the sessions giving you the names and then observing what happens. It is like everything in life just goes more smoothly and good things keep happening. These people are all on my LHPs as well and have been for the last 4 yrs I’ve been doing those daily. But now with the continuing monthly DSC sessions added to the LHP work I’ve been doing, the gains are coming quicker and on a larger scale than just with the LHPs alone.

I truly feel that the money I have spent on the DSC sessions is the best use of money I have ever found. It was the best investment decision I’ve ever made in my life to forgo the elective surgery and instead use the money to purchase monthly DSC bundles.

In the 4 years I have been doing daily LHPs, I have noticed many incremental beneficial results in my own life and the lives of my loved ones. But adding in monthly DSC sessions (especially when it is at least 2 per month), really brings about major breakthroughs on chronic problem areas and these improvements last.

Prior to doing monthly DSC sessions I had purchased 9 sessions in the prior 3 yrs (8 with Karl and 1 with you both) and had seen improvements but they didn’t always last and the chronic health problems of many years standing hardly budged. But now with the monthly sessions (at least 2/mo.) there are big improvements on the worst chronic problems and they are lasting improvements. This is truly the way to get substantial lasting healing on long standing chronic issues.

I am thrilled with these results and have expanded to two bundles per month so I can share this with more of my loved ones. And this is only 6 months into my year-long experiment!!!

I hope you both know you are truly changing lives with the work you are doing. It is not always immediately apparent. Often is subtle but when it is done consistently over time the results really build and big changes can happen even on stubborn problems that have been with someone for 20+ yrs such as in my case.

With much love and gratitude,


* * *

Then Karl channeled Creator about the above testimonial:

"Source Creator, is this person's feedback about Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution over-estimating perceived benefits, or accurately seeing improvements in health and well-being, both personally and for his loved ones getting sessions?"

"He is not misperceiving, over-inflating, or exaggerating in any way, his perceptions of what is taking place both for him and others who have had sessions done on their behalf with the healing from Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution. That is a beautiful way to augment the work of the Lightworker Healing Protocol in the sense of speeding up the timeline for benefits to become more noticeable and symptoms to begin to fade. As you know, healing can be quite a long-term proposition for the divine realm to work on things. In a sense, we are doing it the hard way, by going back to the origins which may be scattered among multiple lifetimes proceeding in parallel and acting through crosstalk on the client experiencing their current life as their sole existence. In actuality, it is subject to, and the sum total of, countless encounters with life experience in many settings, good and bad. All people have a huge backlog of unhealed karmic trauma, and what he is doing is the very best way to obtain relief, through deep karmic healing and repair."

"Source Creator, how useful is it for the average person to have repeated sessions done on a regular schedule, of Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution as this person has been doing?"

"Because everyone has many unresolved dilemmas created during the course of hundreds of lifetimes on average, there is no end of opportunities to help them get out from under that dark cloud, from the karmic overhang of negativity that will follow them around from lifetime to lifetime and systematically challenge them to work on the old energetic dilemmas to set things right. If that is not done, the problems will pile up and worsen in severity and eventually drag them under. What this argues for, is to not wait but to go ahead and get started immediately, to chip away at that mountain of liability that has accumulated within the akashic records. So we see everyone as being in need of this kind of work to free themselves from the weight of karmic negativity and the uncertainty that, at any time, they might step on a landmine, so to speak, to reawaken an old karmic trauma and suddenly develop a chronic illness or a severe and possibly fatal accident that shortens their life. Many times, such things can be forestalled with timely intervention. The main thing slowing down divine intervention through healing is not only the size of the problem, but the many ways in which people would become corrupted to keep the divine at arms length and to believe in their own vulnerability and unworthiness, all of which we must honor as free will choices for the individual to suffer. Many times, those choices are made by levels of the mind below conscious awareness. When a person is fighting themselves in this way, we cannot intervene and pick favorites but must consider the entire person. So everything you do to get started on a healing journey early in life will pay many dividends along the way. It is much easier to prevent maladies than to heal them. Once they have blossomed and caused symptoms leading to a diagnosis, that carves it in stone, so to speak. Such healing is the very best use of time and money there is, for a life of happiness and success in contributing not only to the present welfare but your future destiny in staying on a divine path and being rewarded sooner rather than later, with many blessings."

- Karl Mollison

Denny & Helen,

Thanks so much to both of you. I ordered the sessions from Denny on Sunday. On Monday I felt a shift happen (I think this was retrocausal healing taking effect), it is like a dark cloud over my outlook went away, some of the sort of low level chronic depression lifted, and also like some layers of stress in my body lifted. Those feelings then got stronger each day tues, wed, and thurs. (you did the session thurs.) and have continued. Also there has been some incremental improvement in energy levels, probably more than even as a result of other DSC sessions for this issue in the past.

Also, the first scene that was related by the DSC was a pattern that was somewhat repeated in this life leading to my getting sick and getting the chronic fatigue over 20 yrs ago.

You both are doing great work! And I do think there is a much greater degree of healing taking place with the improved version of the DSC on all the other versions of the self with similar feelings related to the targeted issue, and that seems to be usually 20-40+ other wounded parts. I think this is a very powerful improvement. Most of the time these wounded parts/version of self are relating a situation that resulted in death so if the 40 other versions of yourself get healed for trauma that lead to eventual death then that is almost 10% of your lifetimes if the avg. human has had 423 life times on earth. That is a significant amount of healing even with the huge backlog most of us have.

I had multiple DSC/HMR sessions from Denny and Helen. The session involves Helen channeling your deep subconscious mind (largest part of your mind that is actually disconnected from your conscious mind) and Denny talking to your deep subconscious (through Helen) using specific questions and techniques. Your DSC will reveal what is most troubling you and talk about a past life where this trauma occurred. Denny will then ask the DSC what you would have wished to have happened, rather than the life that led to the trauma, and will prompt the DSC mind to apply the new life to replace the old traumatic life and free the self from this traumatic life that was causing issues. The channeling typically covers two traumatic past lives and towards the end of the session, Denny will ask the DSC mind to participate in a grand healing of all past lives where similar traumas were experienced, and will ask Creator to assist with the healing with the DSC mind's consent. The sessions are typically just under an hour and are done remotely.

Since I started doing these sessions I feel more peace in my being and when any day to day problems arise, I feel much more able to deal with them.

We all need healing and along with the Lightworker Healing Protocol (which is a great compliment to the DSC/HMR sessions) These sessions by Denny and Helen are truly wonderful for healing our deep seated trauma.

For those of you considering having healing done via the Light Worker Healing protocol I would highly recommend it. I have had Light Worker Healing sessions done on behalf of myself, my wife and my young children and can say quite confidentally that it has had a very positive impact on them all. Our general health has improved, our daily outlook on the world has become more clear and optimistic. All my children suffered from nightmares or night terrors and these have decreased significantly and with some completely. If you are ready to embrace a deep cleanse of your body and spirit the Light Worker Healing protocol will be a sure way of achieving that goal

Thank You,
Alun Owens, Newtownmountkennedy, Ireland.

Hi Denny!

I wanted to thank you again for our clearings. All I can say is wow what a difference! We must have been due! There was such a pleasant onset of calm an serenity in our household. Just wonderful. I went to town earlier in the day and came back to a different ranch. The energy was lighter and brighter. The herd even seemed subdued and content. We had a rainstorm that evening, too that seemed almost like a cleansing. It gave us our first rainbow of the year. Overall, I was very pleased.

1000 Thanks

When I ended my marriage a decade ago, Narcissistic Abuse was a relatively unknown phenomenon. I left to escape a living hell, but it was only beginning… The separation only provoked my ex husband, inciting years of stalking, harassment, trespassing, threats, gaslighting, financial abuse, slander, and endless custody litigation which culminated in his making false allegations and removing our daughter from my custody.

My daughter and I have always been so close. I was stunned and heartbroken. I'd survived a decade of emotional warfare, but losing her daughter was more than I could bear. Compounding the situation was the devastating affect on my daughter. She was so traumatized, the once vibrant and bubbly youth became distant and withdrawn falling into a deep depression.

During this darkest time in my life I was introduced to Light Worker Healing Protocol by a lifelong friend. I sent a message and Denny Hunt responded immediately. Denny was kind, wise and understanding. He took time and really listened to me without judgement. He was compassionate and understanding. He came from a place of deeper truth embracing spiritual and multi-dimensional complexities beyond the material plane. He promptly followed up by providing more information and the Daily Protocol. Things began to shift almost immediately, energetically and in terms of my situation. Denny is a wise and powerful healer!

During our next visit I felt a breakthrough. My daughter was more open, we were able to talk and connect in a more loving and supportive way. again. The dynamic shifted between us and she was able to share how hurt she was over the separation. Every time we were together our bond became stronger. In a short time she stood her ground and decided to stay with me permanently. We have overcome many challenges including legal motions, false accusations and personal attacks, but we have come through it closer and more resilient than ever.

Denny followed up with me over the last year, checking in to see how we were doing and progressing. We are deeply grateful for his healing, guidance and support on this journey. I was granted primary custody of my daughter and a court order to move and create a beautiful new life for us. We are so blessed and have never been happier!

There’s another layer to the transformation that has occurred, it enabled a deeper level of healing so profound there’s no more energy or triggers attached to my ex husband or other people who created so much pain and trauma in the past. They have vanished from our lives and we are free. Our lives have changed so dramatically from total despair to freedom, joy and new beginnings, It truly is a miracle!

Thank you Denny Hunt, Thank you Soul Creator, Thank you!!!


My name is Erin Johnson, I live in Fergus Falls MN, and this is my testimonial on how the Lightworker Healing Protocol has changed my life.

I began my spiritual awakening about 7 years ago when what I call my “Dark Night of the Soul” began. It was a series of traumatic events that forced me into a period of self reflection. After my 3 remaining family members passed away in a matter of 2 years, then learning that my narcissistic husband of 15 years was cheating, I was in a very dark place with some serious anger and thoughts of self harm. I had allowed my soul essence to be slowly drained and felt like an empty shell. During this time, my health was also affected wherein my thyroid gland was literally not functioning. This led to insufficient functioning of my lymphatic system, and a long list of negative physical symptoms such as all of my hair falling out. It was a domino effect of sorts...

It took about 3 years of deep inner reflection to realize my chain of events had happened for a reason and foremost, that I had been an active participant in creating my misery. This acknowledgement brought me empowerment by realizing I needed to take an active role in trying to control what thoughts I allowed in my head. I realized my thoughts directly controlled the outcome of my life, and my lack of boundaries and self worth left me open to a host of negative entities feeding off my energy thus enforcing the negative self thoughts. I continued to grow spiritually and my strength and confidence slowly began to return however, I continued to struggle with the constant “recording” or “voices” of self doubt that played in the background of my mind. I am not schizophrenic lol, I simply mean the inner thoughts we all hear daily. I had taught myself to be more aware of my thoughts, but after years of daily positive affirmations, couldn’t understand why they relentlessly continued.

A little over a month ago, I watched Denny’s interview on “Forbidden Knowledge News” with Chris Matthew. Denny shared his testimonial on how the Lightworker Healing Protocol had positively changed his life, and confirmed my feelings about negative entities and spiritual attachments. During the interview I found myself yelling out loud to my computer, “Yes!” and “I knew it!” I contacted Denny the next morning through the website and by the end of that week, emailed him my list of healing requests. Denny informed me he would be doing the prayer requests the next morning. I woke up feeling a little lighter, but I was warned not to expect some huge response so I continued life as usual.

While casually chatting with a coworker Monday afternoon, I shared my opinion and insight about something we had discussed hundreds of times in the past about a particular difficulty in our office, when she stopped me and said, “Erin!” “Who was that who just spoke?” She went on to say how proud of me she was for finally standing up for myself and that she had never heard me speak with so much confidence and conviction. The week continued to go better than my work weeks had ever gone, with my boss for example making the comment, “Erin, you handled that call just beautifully!” after I got off the phone with a customer who had called to complain. Mind you, after a year of employment I had never heard her make a comment like that to any of us! It took me until Wednesday to realize all of the “chatter” and negative thoughts I had forever heard in the background were completely GONE! I actually stopped in my tracks while walking into my house after work when the realization hit me, and tears of joy and gratitude flowed.

It’s been a month and a week now since my healing and I have never felt so clear! I used to doubt every thought and inner knowing, saying to myself things like, “Okay Erin, who do you think you are?” or “It’s just your imagination, you are nobody.” Now, all doubts have been erased and it’s given me the confidence to trust my inner instincts and knowing. I seem to wake up each day with gratitude knowing I have a divine purpose and am on the right path. I have a feeling of optimism, and bliss. A feeling that I will experience what I am meant to, at the right time and most importantly, I know I am worth the effort ♥

I have always struggled financially, but the last year in particular, starting the new job has been tremendously difficult. I have been given the gift of being able to purchase my Grandpa’s house, but have hesitated due to my financial strain. Recently, my boss signed us up for some intense online sales training which I had begun to dread. Role playing using Zoom online, in front of a slew of others felt like some kind of nightmare really! Something changed after the healing however, I seemed to no longer struggle for the right words and always had the perfect rebuttal at the tip of my tongue. In fact, our training coach we were assigned actually singled me out on several occasions stating she can’t believe I am the same person I was 6 months ago. She went on to say my confidence has grown exponentially and said specifically in the past month she had noticed a significant change, mostly in my confidence.

I am being considered for a sales position in my current job with the potential to earn 50% more than my current salary, and have been approached by one of our competitors. He called me to offer me a position and would like to meet to discuss possible salary if I were to accept! What???!!!! I have received compliments from several friends and family members, most who had no idea I had received the healing. My uncle said I carry myself more confidently and my son and his girlfriend commented on my appearance and my clarity. Friends say they can’t put their finger on it and want to know what has changed!

My dream is to “pay it forward” per say. I can’t wait to share this gift I have received with people in my life. I can’t wait to watch them benefit as I have.

Thank you Denny, Karl, and Creator for this gift of freedom and clarity! For allowing me to just “be” who I was created to be without restraint, and giving me the opportunity to help and share this gift with others. I am truly blessed.

Hi Denny and Helen,

Here is my testimonial for the work performed by you two. Let me know if it will suffice.

Where to start? First off, let me say that this is one of the most amazing experiences that I have undergone. I am a fellow LHP practitioner and when I found out about the Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution (DSC-TR for short), I was immediately intrigued. I had found my way to the LHP for some long standing and chronic issues. Crohns disease resulting in multiple surgeries, including removal of 80% of my colon, severe arthritis which involved having both my hips replaced at the age of 33 amongst other concerns. I tell you all this for some frame of reference. I have been through all that the medical industry has to offer from traditional approaches to the latest and greatest in clinical studies. Nothing stuck. It was all a bandaid. I used to need an infusion monthly just to walk without debilitating pain.

The LHP made a huge difference and is long lasting but for a more targeted approach, this is where the DSC really shines. The LHP and DSC really work well together. They compliment each others work with the Divine. I was still having pain holding me back from life in certain areas. This is where I had a targeted approach with the DSC. Helen and Denny were who I had my first session with as well as several follow up sessions. Words can not fully describe how much of an impact this has had on me. I have been fighting these issues for over 20 years and I have looked for REAL healing in all corners of thew world. My search has stopped here.

I have been off all pharmaceuticals for over a year now and I can honestly say that I never thought that would be a possibility, but it is. I am living, walking proof of that. I have continued my partnership with the divine each and everyday henceforth. My belief and partnership is as important as the work performed by Helen and Denny. Both have been invaluable support along my journey and I thank you from the depths of my soul. What you are doing is truly groundbreaking and will help heal the world.

You will forever have my love for your help and healing. Thank you. 


Denny Hunt Saved My Life (testimonial from MAP abductee)

My name is [redacted] and I only very recently discovered that I am a Mercenary Army Program survivor. If I hadn’t have come across Denny’s work when I did, I don’t know how dark my future might have become or if I would even be here. You see I have unwittingly been a victim of ET abductions since I was very young. As an adult I believe I have been used in the MAP probably more than once. However Denny’s work with Karl Mollison has given me a path to salvation by reconnecting me with the Divine and my true purpose in life which is to help humanity heal.

I was in a very bad place by the fall of 2017. Earlier in the year I began to experience a ton problems with my body. Everything from strange tooth pain to very bad gut problems. This breaking down of my body had seemingly come out of no where. I just remember a shift in my life around the summer of 2016. I literally just woke up a different person. I found my self exhibiting PTSD symptoms but had no idea why. Irritability and rage where all of a sudden common place for me. I felt heavily stressed for no real reason, not to mention I had a confidence in my self I never really had before. A willingness to have physical confrontations when provoked; which was not like me at all.

By the time I came across Denny’s work in 2017 I had quit my job and was working only sparingly as I was always just too stressed and too physically ill to be working very much. When I discovered Denny’s channeling sessions with Karl I became fascinated with what was being channeled. Call it strong intuition if you want but I instantly knew this information was legit. I was now on a mission to discover the truth about what was going on in this world and what was happening to me. Little did I know just how related those two things where. You see I was under some false impressions that this Secret Space Program that “some” where talking about was some how a good thing because the “white hats” were up in space fighting for our freedom.

The story was the good ETs are going to help us against the bad ETs. This is a false narrative designed to be an alter of sorts to keep people trapped in false hope and complacency. It was a story that was meant to keep the more aware truth seeking community from using or discovering their spiritual power which is exactly what the ETs fear most. For we are co-creators of reality. Which is a unique power that they themselves lack. However Denny’s work with Karl began to reveal to me the truth of this deception and just how serious the situation is for humanity at this time. Over time it was plain to see just how this situation could have come about for us and how we can use our connection to the Divine to overcome this seemingly insurmountable problem.

There is a ton of disinformation out there and Denny’s work is shinning a light on all those twisted truths and lies being used to corral and control those who are too curios. As hard as these truths were to except, a part of me knew it was real.

Now the dynamic duo of Denny and Karl have come up with a program designed to empower and heal any who wish to learn. Karl has come up with an advanced prayer technique that is designed to allow the Divine realm to step in and work with us much more closely. (This is literally what miracles are made of.) By learning how to better partner with the Divine we can free ourselves and God willing humanity from this ET slavery we have had to endure for hundreds of thousands of years now. Denny’s work with Karl and others might just be some of the most important work ever done for humanity.

Personally and very recently, just with in the last month or so Denny and Karl may have saved me from committing suicide. Even though I was learning much from the work, I was still allowing some old habits to weaken my aura which was allowing some extreme psychic attacks to happen to me. By reaching out to Denny and Karl I have since been able to begin to rectify this problem.

Denny has done numerous healings on me completely free of charge, as I believe his will is for all of us to heal and become Divinely empowered. I was having such a hard time last month that if Denny and Karl had not of stepped in. I don’t know what I would have done to get relief from the overwhelming fear and paranoia.

Now I am finally beginning to get to a place of empowerment and security thanks to Denny’s and Karl’s hard work. I plan on learning the prayer protocol myself and then teaching to as many people as I can. If we can stand up in our Divine power, we can co-create with the Divine to free humanity and create peace on Earth. I feel as though I owe Denny and Karl everything as I have no idea how dark my life may have become if Denny had not decided to be doing what he is doing now. I am eternally grateful.

I would recommend everyone to check out all of Denny’s work and to learn the prayer protocol as it can be instrumental in creating a positive future for one’s self and all of humanity in these desperately trying times.

For several decades I have been suffering from chronic muscle tension in my body. This led to various uncomfortable health problems. It took me years to even find out that I was suffering from this problem and then it again took me years to find out the root cause. Several areas in my body were affected but it all basically stemmed from chronic tension in my jaw. In order to solve this problem I tried several different relaxation techniques and would have to spend several hours each and every day doing this. If I didn’t the symptoms I had would get very uncomfortable over time.

I am also a practitioner of the Lightworker Healing Protocol and naturally applied it to this problem with the hopes of having it healed this way. I did achieve a bit of healing but at some point it was as if I hit a brick wall and couldn’t get any further. I was still missing a piece of the puzzle. The problems that still remain and can’t seem to be solved with the LHP alone usually have to do with our free will. We might be holding onto them in some fashion or our subconscious does and this restricts the divine realm from taking the healing any further.

So I booked a session with Helen and Denny to have my deep subconscious channelled and this issue healed via holographic memory resolution. Interestingly enough on the day prior to the day my session was scheduled to happen I suddenly felt a beautiful energy in my body and this lasted for several minutes. I took this to mean that healing was being applied by the divine realm in that moment. I am some kind of energy empath and can usually physically feel when healing occurs because I can sense the energy. Immediately afterwards I felt the tension in my jaw gradually relax until it was almost gone.

It was confirmed later via channeling by Karl Mollison that this healing had indeed taken place before the actual healing session and this was made possible via the LHP as it is requested by the LHP to apply any healing sessions of all kinds throughout all time domains. So as a further benefit of doing work with the protocol other healing modalities can profit from this as well.

As it turns out in one of my other lives I was hung and killed when I was 18 years old by the owner of a store whom I stole food from in order to feed my family. This made a lot of sense to me because one can easily see the connection between being hung by the neck and having chronic muscle tension in one’s jaw as a way for this negative energy to express itself in another life. I’m not exactly sure but I think I also experienced this chronic tension for the first time in my life when I was around 18 years old, so around the same age as my other self who was killed in that other life.

I feel blessed to be among the first very few humans who are able to make use of DSC/HMR healing as this is certainly the first time ever in history humans have access to this. All of us can finally heal all of the damage that has accumulated over dozens if not hundreds of lives!

This is a perfect complement to doing healing via the Lightworker Healing Protocol and I can only recommend for other people not to sleep on this unique opportunity. Many thanks to Helen and Denny for doing this incredible work!

Dear Denny,

I want to thank you for the life changing work you have done on my behalf.

I was inspired to contact you via Facebook a couple of months ago after watching one of your Why Is This True shows. Something that the person you were interviewing resonated very strongly with me. You were very kind and made me feel right at home regarding the topics I cannot discuss with anyone else I know. After several discussions, you added me to your list of LHP Healing Sessions. Unless I ask you, I never know what day or time you do your sessions. I don’t even know if you have a regular schedule for them. I all know for certain is that I am super grateful and amazed at your kindness for doing them.

This morning, during a super vivid & clear dream, I had a massive download of instruction and hand-held tutelage on forgiveness, recognizing and appreciating love, how to shift from “victimization mode to self-empowerment (which includes a very important shift of frequency), and most importantly – how to release a particular trauma that had been plaguing my heart & soul for 26 years. In fact, the trauma and sadness I’d been carrying around was so bad, I even attempted suicide several times because I just couldn’t take the pain anymore.

When I woke up, I felt like I’d been gone for months, even though I’d only been sleeping through the night, which is super rare for me. I usually only sleep until 3 or 4 am. I woke up around 9:15 am, PST. Unheard of!

The Being that was with me in the dream, walking me through how it’s done; how to forgive and move forward was very patient. I took a long time and many attempts until I was able to correctly focus my frame of mind and intention to where it needed to be, in order for me to be free of the pain & sorrow I’d been holding on to for so very long. I wasn’t aware of how much pain I’d been carrying until it lifted. When that finally happened, at that very moment, the Being that had been assisting me looked directly at me and smiled. I hadn’t actually looked at him until that moment. All communication had been telepathic while he had been a few feet behind me, to my right. I’ll always remember that smile. I did not recognize the face, but I recognized the smile right away. It was your smile!

While I was dreaming, I kept telling myself that I was dreaming and also to remember as much as possible - every instruction, every word, every visual, every exercise. When I woke up, dizzy and sleepy from all the mental activity, the first thing I did was to immediately contact you to see if you could help me understand what just happened.

I quickly wrote down what I could remember sent it to you. Turns out that you had been doing a Healing session for me at 6:30 the same morning.

Denny Hunt, you are the real deal. I am testifying that I’ve experienced your healing and I am forever grateful to you - grateful and thankful. The shift in perspective I experienced was the beginning of much healing I’ve been in need of for a very long time.

Again, thank you.

From my heart to yours,
Martha Herman

I found my DSC-TR session done by Denny and Helen to be very powerful. It was important to me to understand why I didn’t seem to be able to move forward with a skill that I knew I had, but was afraid to use. I was stuck.

Through exploration with my deep subconscious, specific issues were uncovered that justified my reticence. Each made perfect sense to me as causes of past life trauma that my deep subconscious was trying to protect me from repeating.

My deep subconscious was working frantically to ensure past suffering caused by using this skill was not reflected in my current life.

Resolving the trauma through DSC-TR has allowed me to trust myself to use unique abilities without fear. I now expect positive, not painful, outcomes. I am stuck no longer.