What is the difference between DSMR and DSC-TR?

In late 2022 we wanted to know the difference between the DSC-TR work that we do compared to the DSMR. Karl channeled Creator and we received the following:

Question: "It would be good to know - from Creator - what is the difference between the most recent multi-issue version of the DSC-TR using a channeler and this newest version you are calling the DSMR where a channeler is not used? This would be particularly valuable to get this answer from Creator where Creator is looking at it from the client's perspective." What can we tell him?

Creator's Answer:

The protocol using a two-person approach, where one is channeling and the other serving as a facilitator, has a clear advantage in providing a combined intention of both individuals versus a single person launching the protocol unilaterally with only their energy involved as an advocate for the healing. In addition, more time is spent conducting the steps, particularly when getting feedback, if that is added in any way. That is an option of the practitioners themselves, whether to take time to do so, but every interaction with the client, in setting that intention, will add some additional fuel as well as feeling more personally involved and compassionate in being privy to some of the suffering of the client, as revealed by the client's mind along the way, in the case of receiving feedback. But you are asking about the multi-issue version in which particular details are not solicited. So there is a time function in making the connection through the channeler and the expectation building within the facilitator, and then the earnest desire of both parties to aid the client and the recognition they are both involved in something wondrous, and even magical. This will summon forth a higher level of intention than a single individual would typically generate, depending on who that individual is and to what extent there is time spent listing the client and the issues or a list of clients and their issues, and doing it from the heart as opposed to a mechanical, matter-of-fact, businesslike fashion.

So these are variables in play, but any good healer using the protocol in earnest on their own can do fine work, so we are not talking about success versus failure, only a difference in degree of the energetic fuel being offered from the human side. But keep in mind that this protocol is much more like a high-level prayer than the LHP, in that it is simply requesting Creator to do a series of steps and carry them out, much like an ordinary prayer listing a series of desired outcomes. The key intention will be coming from the client in working with Creator directly, so that replaces the need for a high level of intention from the human side to enable a connection, and to maintain it, and to fuel Creator's efforts along the way. Much of the routine aspect will be satisfactorily supplied by a practitioner simply reading the protocol or following along with an audio prompt. The key then supplied, with respect to intention, is the focus on the preamble, all of the goals and objectives and components of the protocol that are listed and requests made for Creator to carry out the enterprise. When that is done with conviction, keen interest, and a heartfelt concern for the client, that will be sufficient for Creator to carry out the work intended to be launched successfully and reach the same level of attention to detail and thoroughness needed to accomplish what is intended to happen.

In either protocol, the conditions are specified not only as to all the steps needed but a safe maximum effort defined in a clear enough fashion to make the outings comparable in what can be achieved. In most cases, the deep subconscious mind has the wherewithal to do what is asked with dispatch and effectiveness because it is a true workhorse and is used to a grueling schedule with many, many demands placed on it to function at a high level. It takes its role seriously, so there will rarely be a need for any extraordinary intention from the human side that would be needed to enable Creator to do some extra hand-holding and guidance and reassurance, and so on. So, in most cases, the response of the deep subconscious, in agreeing to work with Creator, will apply itself diligently and along with that the intention from the human side to carry out the complete protocol effectively. So the advantage of having a duo, including a channeler, is primarily when feedback is requested in some form and that will be seen as quite valuable many times by clients. It is a nice validation and evidence something profound took place and is proof of the pudding you can do what you claim to do. We have explained before that it has a potential downside in revealing disturbing information that will be hard for the client to handle, so there are risks with that approach as well as benefits.

Question: "What is the difference, if any, in using this stand-alone protocol version for DSMR vs. the two-person method using a channeler and facilitator? Is there ANY difference in efficacy, power, ease, etc?"

Creator's Answer:

The primary difference is the level of intention of two people working together and actually going through and performing all the steps, at least in their launching, through the interaction of facilitator and channeler. This will increase the emotional involvement and commitment, all of which adds intention as fuel, but that is only needed up to the point of initiating the requests via Creator's translator to convey the message to the client's mind, and that will be actually translated further in ways difficult to explain to you because that is a function of the nature of the deep subconscious and its understanding of things. The real work here is done at Creator's end and, like all healing, there is a certain amount of intention needed to launch the steps of the protocol. Extra intention will come from the client's own mind and that will complete what is needed because the interaction and cooperation must be voluntary.

So the two will give comparable results, in most cases, provided a single practitioner using the DSMR Stand-Alone Protocol is not just going through the motions, perhaps while being distracted or rushed. If it is done with a neglectful level of involvement there will be insufficient intention for Creator to carry out the instructions fully, and that will compromise the session because there will be a lack of wherewithal available to convey complete directions and an interaction with the deep subconscious, to obtain a thorough survey and recovery of all the needed events and the associated self limiting beliefs and soul attribute deficiencies, to get the most out of the session. Such a low level of performance is much less likely to happen with two practitioners working together where each has an incentive to be on their game, so to speak, and hold up their end.

We do want to be supportive of both approaches because each has their place. When you think about the vast need, virtually the entire human population that can benefit from the work and needing many, many, many sessions in each and every case, it is simply not feasible to do too much interactive work to obtain details, and so forth, and serve the vast client base that can be addressed the way the protocol has been configured. That streamlining, obtainable in no other way, is the key to completing your mission, to save and heal humanity, just as was true for empowering the Lightworker Healing Protocol so that it could be applied without limit to not only all human beings but all extraterrestrials and all the discarnate spirits, and so on.

The new protocol is a true breakthrough. The key distinction, in terms of the client's perspective, is that doing focused work for them elevates them in the hierarchy to be first in line, but we can tell you that as you grow the client base of subscribers they will all be first in line because you will not be able to recruit over 7 billion clients yet all will receive benefits. Those with special issues of high urgency, who are willing to pay for custom sessions, will engender a greater measure of intention from whomever is carrying out a session on their behalf. That is where the magic comes from, that client-practitioner interaction and relationship to enhance the level of caring and compassion, because that will go into the intention of the session or sessions performed, and can make a difference for the client, so that is the way to describe this—doing custom sessions is always advantageous, if that is affordable, and may speed progress.

Later there was another channeling shared in Oct 2023. Here it is:

A practitioner asks: "You told us about the roundup of other younger selves with similar experiences while doing trauma resolution: "So they are very worthwhile as far as it goes, but are not a long-term answer because they will not be able to reach much further than the specific event or events the client is recalling to work on, and their wounds needing healing." Are you referring here to the request to "invite all former selves through all of time who ever experienced something like this...? And are you saying this does not really call forth individual distinct past lives needing healing, as we have assumed and have been telling people?" Can you please clarify this for our understanding? Does this limitation apply only to HMR work, or does it also apply to the DSMR and DSCTR?

Creator's Answer:

This limitation applies to all such approaches. If you are using the initial focus of a particular issue as a starting point or even a general topic, what is brought up then becomes the link, the connecting thread, to what happens next and then what happens next, and so on. The mind will work very specifically and the instructions do not contain detailed specifications for that roundup, and, if anything, the invitation is for the similar to be gathered together and worked on as an aggregate. And the best fit for those specifications is, indeed, the self-creation of thought forms about the issue at hand, directly or indirectly, that are generated by the client's mind, and then create further cordings that may interconnect with deeper layers and underpinnings of that issue, but in themselves represent only a more superficial layer of negativity added by the client's ruminations. That could be true of the upper subconscious, cellular consciousness, or instigated by the conscious self and then compartmentalized and stored by the upper subconscious, whether in the memory repository or in cellular consciousness, as the case might be.

So we understand this is disappointing news but a trap that is easy to fall into because all who work with these techniques, starting from HMR as the example, a kind of template for trauma resolution work, sets things up to go looking for similar trauma events. But keep in mind, the originator of HMR did not understand the origin of those recollections, only that they come up via memory and are presumed related, because that is the request, and then the HMR practitioner will, indeed, see a benefit to the client in having them dealt with as an aggregate. So nothing has been off-track, only that the expectation and interpretation of benefits was overreaching compared to what is actually taking place - a more narrow assortment of closely related self-created negativity, in the way of thought forms, primarily.

Helen and I determined that this question and answer was confusing so we sought further clarification and so Helen channeled Creator and this is what we received:

"SC when using the DSC TR protocol, as it stands now including all pre session prayers and requests made of Creator, as is done by Denny and myself, are we accessing via the deep subconscious through Creator, the most important and pertinent past life traumas relevant to the issues nominated and identified as high priority issues by Creator’s high level detective ability?"

Creator's Answer:

You are and have been accessing the most pertinent past life traumas related to the issues nominated both by the client and as a result of Creator’s high level detective ability. Your clients have always received the benefits of the work done through this protocol that has been in line with what has been promised and described. Both the DSMR and the DSC TR are doing work at a level that cannot be achieved at the same level by anything else available in your world at present. Nothing is lost by doing one or the other, especially with the repetitive nature of the requests now built into both, to ensure that healing and resolution of issues will eventually be attained. The difference and advantage as we have said before lies in the belief, expectations, focus and intentions of those who are doing the DSC TR on behalf of the client where through the higher quotients of these held by the practitioners, greater fuel is provided for us to use in bringing about the healing process.

That said, where your confusion lies is in the understanding that there can be differing degrees of overall success in calling forth all traumas with specificity that would enable more to be addressed in a single session. What your mentor is then suggesting is to adjust the verbiage to ensure that this is done and in so doing, engage us to see to the healing work and support the deep subconscious mind to bring forth all that can be called upon that is pertinent to the issue. This does not necessarily always happen, for many different reasons on the day, so there can be some added advantage here in making sure that all that can be called forth and accessed on the day, is indeed brought forward through Divine wisdom and action. Both the DSMR and the DSC TR would benefit from this.

Question: "Source Creator, have there been times where we have not accessed past lives, but instead only been working with more recent deep subconscious worries such as current life thought cordings and traumatic memory triggers?"

Creator's Answer:

There may have been instances where these have been included with other past life traumas that have been pertinent to the issues being addressed and as such have required recognition and healing where they have been grouped together, but because of the specific requests made and expectations held by you and your colleague they have not been the only events brought forward for healing. As you have intuitively seen in almost all sessions done for your clients, there have been many, many lives brought forward that have held many, many negative energies associated with their suffering and trauma. It is a gift of great value to bring healing for all of it, but as you also already know, there can still be and most likely is much more that needs to be healed even with a tool as comprehensive as the DSC TR. So, with the continued fine tuning that is occurring because of the ongoing efforts of your mentor and questions arising from enquiring minds, it can only enhance and help what is already a wonderful boon to healing in your world.

We hope this helps anyone who has looked deeper into the issues regarding the work Helen and I do and the differences between the Deep Subconscious Mind Reset protocol as taught at GetWisdom.com and the Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution MV (multi-issue version) offered here at WhyIsThisTrue.com

I invite questions for further clarification.


Denny Hunt